Almost 20,000 people in Kingston live below the poverty line.  Thousands more are also unable to buy the healthy food that keeps minds and bodies working.

Loving Spoonful is a non-profit organization working to change this.
Together we can make a difference.

Our Goals

To work with communities to enhance healthy food access for low-income individuals and families in Kingston.

To increase the amount of fresh food available through local meal programs and to combat food waste and its adverse environmental effects.

To build community awareness of the multiple factors that contribute to food insecurity.

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How we help make a difference

FOOD RECLAMATION – a free pick up service for restaurants, caters, food suppliers and farmers markets to donate their surplus food to 20 community programs

PRESERVE RESERVES – food preservation workshops.

GROW PROJECT – a grade 5 educational workshop and community gardens in schools

GROW A ROW – community campaign to encourage the public to grow a row in their gardens and donate their extra harvest

COMMUNITY GARDENS – we support over 25 of Kingston’s community gardens.



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